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Custom calculations

The CellExplorer processing module has a subfolder for user defined calculations to exist outside the main processing module. These scripts will automatically be loaded by the processing module ProcessCellMetrics. This way updates to the software CellExplorer can be applied without affecting your own additions to the pipeline. Please save your scripts to the folder +customCalculations/ and follow the template already in that folder to integrate your own calculations into the processing module.

Any additional metrics have to follow CellExplorer cell_metrics standard. Any events or manipulation files located in the basepath will be detected in the pipeline and PSTHs will be generated automatically.

function cell_metrics = template(cell_metrics,session,spikes,spikes_all)
    % This is an example template for creating your own calculations
    % INPUTS
    % cell_metrics      cell_metrics struct
    % session           session struct with session-level metadata
    % spikes            spikes struct filtered by manipulation intervals
    % spikes_all        spikes struct with all spikes
    % OUTPUT
    % cell_metrics      updated cell_metrics struct