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The processing module allows you to adjust the default preferences or create your own. The preferences are saved in preferences_ProcessCellMetrics.m. You may edit the default preferences or provide your own preferences in a separate file. To use your own, specify the path to your preferences as an analysis tag in the session struct:

% load a user_preference.m file from the folder +user_preferences
session.analysisTags.preferences_ProcessCellMetrics = 'user_preferences.user_preferences';

user_preferences exampe file

You must follow the example file below when generating your own preference file:

function preferences = user_preferences(preferences,session)
% This is an example file for generating your own preferences for ProcessCellMetrics part of CellExplorer
% Please follow the structure of preferences_ProcessCellMetrics.m

% e.g.:
% preferences.waveform.nPull = 600;            % number of spikes to pull out (default: 600)
% preferences.waveform.wfWin_sec = 0.004;      % Larger size of waveform windows for filterning. total width in ms
% preferences.waveform.wfWinKeep = 0.0008;     % half width in ms
% preferences.waveform.showWaveforms = true;


The example file is located i the +user_preferences folder.