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Compare states in datasets

CellExplorer can be used to compare states within or across sessions, .e.g. cells activity compared in two states: control and some pharmacological injection.

If this level of customization is not sufficient, you cal also call many of the scripts separately as described here.

Compare cell metrics calculated for different temporal intervals (e.g. manipulation states) in the same session

Process a session at three different states. e.g. pharmacology injections vs control:

% These three lines defines the intervals to process separately:
intervals_control = [session.epochs{1}.startTime,session.epochs{1}.stopTime];   % Control
intervals_pharmaco1 = [session.epochs{2}.startTime,session.epochs{2}.stopTime]; % Ka
intervals_pharmaco2 = [session.epochs{3}.startTime,session.epochs{3}.stopTime]; % Ca

% Now the metrics can be restricted to the three intervals by using the input: restrictToIntervals
cell_metrics_control  = ProcessCellMetrics('session', session,'saveAs','cell_metrics_control','restrictToIntervals',intervals_control);
cell_metrics_pharmaco1 = ProcessCellMetrics('session', session,'saveAs','cell_metrics_pharmaco1','restrictToIntervals',intervals_pharmaco1);
cell_metrics_pharmaco2 = ProcessCellMetrics('session', session,'saveAs','cell_metrics_pharmaco2','restrictToIntervals',intervals_pharmaco2);

Notice how I used the saveAs input to create three separate metric struct for the session. Three files have been created in the basepath:

  1. basename.cell_metrics_control.cellinfo.mat
  2. basename.cell_metrics_pharmaco1.cellinfo.mat
  3. basename.cell_metrics_pharmaco2.cellinfo.mat

Run CellExplorer on individual restricted dataset

cell_metrics_pharmaco1 = CellExplorer('metrics',cell_metrics_pharmaco1); 
cell_metrics_pharmaco2 = CellExplorer('metrics',cell_metrics_pharmaco2); 

% You can easily combine the same cell_metrics, calculated within states, across session by calling:
cell_metrics = loadCellMetricsBatch('basepaths',basepaths,'saveAs','cell_metrics_control');

You can also simply compare the calculated metrics with a simple scatter plot: